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It happened more than once. I had to do something.

For the past ten years, I've owned and operated RestoreATag, the premier license plate restoration company. Clients send me all kinds of tags: old and new, rusty, ugly, damaged, etc. Every plate has a story. Maybe the plate has been in the family for 60 years, or Santa dropped off the perfect Christmas present: tags that match the year of the car.

Regardless of the condition, I transform every plate into a gorgeous, museum-quality restoration worthy of their ride. (Check out my work to learn more.)

The client proudly displays their tag on their vehicle. Sadly, in recent months a number of customers have reported that their plates have been stolen. Given the cost of my restorations, I sought a solution to protect my client's investment. After researching license plate theft, I was shocked to learn that it has risen by an astounding 36 percent in the United States.
Police department's nationwide report a major increase in stolen tags, which thieves use to steal identities, pilfer gas, avoid insurance requirements, commit crimes, and more. Plate theft leaves car owners with hours of headaches and frustration, standing in line to order new tags and resolving police report issues, too.

That's why I designed PlateSafe Locks. They can be used on any vehicle, including antiques. They are also useful around the home, at work, or in any commercial application where items are secured by mounting screws or bolts.

To learn more, give me a contact me today at 410-703-3873 or info@platesafelocks.com.

Shawn Mahaney
PlateSafe Locks and RestoreATag

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PlateSafe Locks are a RestoreATag product - get your license plates restored today!

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